Origin of TFD Africa

TFD Africa, formerly known as Optilog Support Services, was established at the end of 1994 as a professional logistic service provider.

During 2001 Systems Exchange, the mother company of the International Tools For Decision (TFD) Group appointed Optilog as its representatives in Africa with the subsequent transformation to TFD Africa.

About the TFD Group

Tools for Decision Group is a world leader in the development of analytical methods and software tools to support economic and strategic decisions that, the designers, manufacturers, owners and maintainers of hardware systems, both military and nonmilitary, are called upon to make.
TFD tools are also finding application in urban transit and automotive manufacturing.
Having grown rapidly in recent years the TFD Group presently employs more than 80 highly qualified personnel. The Group consists of 6 companies strategically located around the world:

  • TFD Group Corporate Headquarters, Monterey, California, USA
  • Systems Exchange, Monterey, California, USA
  • TFD Europe, Norwich, UK
  • TFD Asia Pacific, Canberra, Australia
  • TFD North America, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, USA
  • TFD Africa, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa
  • TFD Transit, Carmel, California, USA
  • TFD is also represented in Brazil, Israel, Italy, Germany, Sweden, France, Holland, Singapore and the Republic of China.

About TFD Africa

TFD Africa provides the array of TFD Group Services as well as Asset Management and Tracking, Logistic Verification and Logistic Engineering Services. With our pragmatic approach toward logistics and engineering, we first focus on the basics within the maintenance and information systems environment, resulting in a responsive return on client investment. We then mature the environment on a growth path to optimise in all aspects.

Our contribution is positively demonstrated by the obtaining of tangible results during the early stages of a project or task. This is achieved through our vast experience in Asset Management and Logistics, combined with sound products to support.

Core Business

Our prime focus is on providing clients with logistic services in support of Assets and Product Systems. The full scope of Analytical and Modelling Tools and Integrated Logistic Support services (ILS) are tailored to suit the unique requirements of the client and market trends.

Quality and ISO Grading

TFD Africa is ISO 9001:2000 certified and also an Armscor accredited supplier of logistic and engineering services.

Pragmatic Approach to Logistics

We focus on the practical issues required to get the assets and product systems ready and available for operational application. This pragmatic approach enables us to obtain results in a relatively short time on any project. Our broad experience base enables us to provide consultation in addition to logistic services.

TFD Africa Staff and Resources

We have a permanent staff compliment of 45+ people at TFD Africa and supplement these on an ad-hoc basis with sub-contractors. We are also able to draw on the International TFD Group expertise if required.